About the law firm

Luka M. Jovanović began his independent law practice in the spring of 2019. Prior to that, he worked at the law firm of his colleague and friend from the 5th Belgrade high school Marko Joksic.

He has for many years, and over the course of his studies, been involved in questions pertaining to human and civil rights and liberties as an associate of civil society organizations.

The professional principles that guide him underline the importance of a personalized approach to each client and the understanding of the uniqueness of each project.

His professional values and work ethic underscore sincere and open communication and dedication as well as a resolve aimed towards achieving stated goals.

Luka Jovanović law firm provides services to both domestic and foreign clients thanks to excellent knowledge of spoken and written English language. He is a bearer of the English certificate issued by the famous Cambridge University.

Luka Jovanović graduated from the Law Faculty at the University of Belgrade and also holds their MD.

He is a member of the Belgrade Bar Association.